About me

I am Roemer Kleerebezem, a 23 year old Dutch guy. I am currently employed as Data Scientist at +Simple, France's pioneering Robo-broker.
I have the pleasure of working and having worked on projects needing a broad range of Data Science tools : Machine Learning (neural networks with Tensorflow, H2O, Scikit Learn), computer vision, automated web navigation, text mining and NLP, using mostly Python.
It's my first job after having finished my double degree at the Aix-Marseille School of Economics, where I specialized in Data Science and Econometrics.
My nerdy but also creative background drove me to webdesign, which I practiced in my free time to help finance my studies. Feel free to browse my portfolio to see my past work.

About this website

Every company or entrepreneur should be findable online, no matter how big or small. That is why I created this website, as a globally acccessible, dynamic business card. It also serves as an online portfolio of my past work, or study projects.
The layout of this site is specifically designed for displaying large quantities of information, while staying clear and clean on the surface. When clicking an orange link, more information about that term will be displayed.
Keep in mind, this website might not be kept up to date regularly, for more information check out the Contact section.